AUD/USD Technical Analysis, Bull Attack Imminent?

I looked over the charts about an hour ago and noticed a nice setup on the Aud/Usd Forex pair. By the looks of it, the weekly and four hour charts are setting up a very bullish scenario. On the weekly chart has a large rejection pin-bar with a a long wick. You know how I love pin-bars, and this one looks pretty good. If we take a closer look on the 4 hour chart, the 1.0550 zone is a monster price pivot that was tested early in the morning and held as support very well. A four hour bullish engulfing bar is forming right now which is showing us that a bull run towards the 1.0650 level may be very likely. So to conclude, we have a weekly pin-bar and a four hour pullback to support with bullish candle formation. I would say that is a good supporting evidence for the bulls. Let see how she plays out!

Weekly Aud/Usd Candlestick chart:

Four hour Aus/Usd Candlestick Chart: