Stock Market about to tank?

I was watching the close of the market today and a very interesting situation presented itself. Two days ago I pointed out that the S&P was near the low of the range and that we might rally into Tuesday and Wednesday [Monday Analysis]. Well we did get the upside action and now the market is sitting on a price pivot level as I have indicated on the chart bellow. At the close of today's trading session a very nice two swing with divergence appeared. A huge pin bar formed on the last hour of trading which to me says that everyone was dumping into the close and stops got taken out in droves. This sets the stage for possible downside action into the overnight session or probably into tomorrow. So with that said it will be interesting to monitor the markets after hours to see if we go south. I have Also illustrated on the second chart the first minor and major obstacles to any downside movements. What also struck me as quite interesting was the volume participation. The turn over of contracts in the last hour of trading before the close spiked by almost ten fold from the average during the day. This also tells me there may be major repositioning for tomorrow's trading session. Enjoy!!